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About the Show

A weekly discussion between two Black creators just trying to get their voices and intentions out and into the world. Join them as they explore everything from figuring out how to find and define your creativity to protecting it with wellness and self-care.

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Dancer in Sunset


Angela dalton &

Monica Parks 

Invite you to join Their creative community.

Dancer in Sunset

Angela Dalton

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Angela Dalton is an award-winning Black children’s book author who self-published her first book, If  You Look Up to the Sky, in 2018. As a writer and creator, she believes that we all have the gift of creativity that will shine brightly if we nurture it. She enjoys helping others find ways to reconnect with their inner child and to find their own unique creative purpose.

Monica Parks

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Monica is a quirky, nurturing, and creative spirit with a background in science, as well as 15 years of experience in the spa industry. As a designer of jewelry, apparel, and home goods, she creates products with purpose and intention. She has a love for the human condition and how it handles the many shifts of life. In turn, she weaves wisdom, laced with humor, into the journey of navigating her way in and outside of the creative world as a Black woman.

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